RESU 3.3

  • Hãng sản xuất: LG
  • Xuất xứ: Chính hãng
  • Tình trạng: Liên hệ
  • Liên hệ Hotline: 1800 2014




Electrical Characteristics
Total Energy Capacity 3.3 kWh
Usable Energy Capacity1) 2.9 kWh
Battery Capacity 63 Ah
Voltage Range 42.0 to 58.8 V DC
Nominal Voltage 51.8 V DC
Max. Charge/Discharge Current 71.4A
Peak Current2) 78.6A for 3 sec.
Max. Charge/Discharge Power3) 3.0kW
Peak Power2) 3.3kW for 3 sec.
Battery Pack Round-Trip Efficiency >95% (under specific condition)
Communication Interface CAN 2.0B
DC Disconnect Circuit Breaker, Contactor, Fuse
Operating Conditions
Installation Location Indoor / Outdoor (Stand / Wall-Mounted)
Operating Temperature -10 to 45°C
Operating Temperature (Recommended) 15 to 30°C
Storage Temperature -30 to 60°C : ~7 days

-20 to 45°C : ~ 6 months

Humidity 5% to 95%
Altitude Max. 2,000m
Cooling Strategy Natural Convection
Safety Cell UL1642
Battery Pack CE / RCM / FCC / TUV (IEC 62619) / UL1973
EMC IEC61000-6-1, IEC61000-6-3
Hazardous Materials Classification Class 9
Transportation UN38.3
Ingress Rating IP55

※ Test Conditions – Temperature 25°C, at the beginning of life

※ Total Energy is measured under specific condition from LGC(0.3CCCV/0.3CC)


  • Value for Battery Cell Only (Depth of Discharge 90%). Actual usable energy at the AC output may vary by condition, such as the inverter efficiency and
  • Peak Current excludes repeated short duration (less than 3 sec.) of current pattern.
  • LG Chem recommends 1.1kW for maximum battery



RESU3.3 battery pack designed for photovoltaic systems is easily adaptable energy storage solution. With RESU Plus, RESU3.3/6.5/10 can be “cross- connected” with each other.

※ RESU Plus is an expansion kit specially designed for 48V models.

Number of expandable battery units : up to 2EA

  • Easy and Flexible installation

: Easy to wall mount or install on floor

: Wide range of inverters available

  • Proven Safety and 10 year warranty
  • Compact size and space saving



Mechanical Characteristics
Width 452 mm (17.8’’)
Dimensions Height 401 mm (15.8’’)
Depth 120 mm ( 4.7’’)
Weight 31 kg (68.3lbs)

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